We’ve all been there before, you found a green side bunker with your approach and your up and down for par turns into a double or triple bogey because you chunked your first attempt and didn’t put your second close enough to 1 putt. It really kills your round and unless you have the composure of the current world #1 (Dustin Johnson), you’re going to let that flub in the bunker effect your mood and potentially your next tee shot. This is where the best sand wedge can truly be your savior.

Drivers have continued to get more and more technological advance not in terms of distance (even though they claim otherwise), but in terms of forgiveness. With modern technology, club makers have been able to move the center of gravity in clubs lower and more back than ever before. This truly does help with more consistent results and makes the game much more enjoyable for the rest of us that aren’t pros. Next came game-improvement irons. Major OEMs created more forgiving irons while implementing the same concepts with the drivers. Their goal is to truly make the game easier and more enjoyable to those players that don’t have 4 hours a day to practice. But what about wedges? Who has made the sand wedge easier to hit for the rest of us? How many opportunities do you get to practice your wedge shots out of a bunker? My guess is not very much.

You need the best sand wedge to replace your current sand wedge because your current sand wedge is just too dang hard to hit. Look at your wedges compared to your irons, they’re probably a lot thinner and have zero technological advancements in them like your irons have. But why not? We designed a sand wedge that is great not just for escaping the bunkers on your first shot (every time), but to also help with all chips around the green. The confidence that a forgiving and easy to hit wedge gives you is irreplaceable.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Every golfer we see pickup this Alien wedge – the best sand wedge out there – gets out of the trap instantly. By putting your normal, smooth swing on the club you can trust that it will get the ball up and near the hole. We guarantee it will lower scores.